VOLVO – Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS)

Volvo Website WHIPS

The WHIPS system consists of specially designed hinges and brackets on the front seat backrests designed to help absorb some of the energy generated in a collision from the rear (when the vehicle is rear-ended).

In the event of a rear-end collision, the hinges and brackets of the front seat backrests are designed to change position slightly to allow the backrest/head restraint to help support the occupant’s head before moving slightly rearward. This movement helps absorb some of the forces that could result in whiplash

The elements deform when put to use:

  • rear element deforms when the seat reclines in a rear collision
  • front element deforms when seat height adjusts in an off-road situation
  • Per I-CAR Volvo training:
  • There are two elements with convolutions or ripples that deform or bend in the collision.Remove the trim cover and inspect these two elements, especially after a rear collision or if the vehicle left the road. Also look at the back of the seat on the inner hinge that’s facing the center console. There are marks etched into two mating plates that normally align. If the etched marks are out of line by 5 mm or more, the element is deformed. The only repair, if either element is deformed, is replacement of the entire seat frame.

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