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Structural Repair

Welding & Three Dimensional Measuring Technologies

GYS GYSPOT PTI-G :This welder uses the same resistance spot welding technologies used by your vehicle's manufacturer. The PTI-G inverter welder provides quality spot welds with all the new high-strength steels using cutting edge inverter technology. The onboard computer takes welding parameters from each specific auto manufacturer to ensure the proper voltage, weld time and pressure is applied. It also monitors and confirms that every completed weld meets the specified welding parameters.

The GYS PTI-G provides a full record of the weld points performed. Each weld point is saved on the SD card and can be played back on a PC to generate a welding report.

The Spanesi Touch - The Touch is a top of the line system which electronically measures damaged vehicle structures and helps identity damage that can not be seen with the naked eye. Measuring a vehicles unibody or frame before, during, and after a repair is a critical part of the repair process. The Spanesi Touch provides us with your vehicle's manufacturer data points which we use to confirm the vehicle's structure is correctly aligned.

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Structural Electronic Measuring

Our CHIEF velocity system can electronically measure the dimensions of your vehicle to ensure it is within factory specifications

ProWoTech Aluminum Clean Room

Our ProWoTech clean room contains all the required equipment needed to repair aluminum. Aluminum dust is explosive when a spark occurs. Fire safety claims of some curtain manufactures may not meet new, tougher protection standards required by OEM aluminum repair certification programs. The built-in viewing window features TTV-red-RW visor lamination that meets the DIN EN 17700 standard for eye protection for workers outside of the aluminum bay. Our ProWoTech Body Repair Station is accepted by OEM certified collision repair facility programs like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen.

Celette Bench

The gold standard of collision repair benches. The Celette system is a required piece of equipment needed to repair most high end vehicles. The fixed mounting points on the body along with the use of a dedicated fixture bench and straightening brackets provide for an exact and proper placement of the body. This method is used to duplicate the precision necessary to ensure that the repaired body meets OEM specifications.
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