We are proud to be the first body shop in Brooklyn to become a Subaru certified collision repair facility. As a Subaru facility our techs are trained to follow all subaru repair procedures as the manufacturer requires. One of these requirements is to inspect a list of SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) items detailed in each Subaru model’s repair documents.

Subaru states, “If the vehicle is involved in a collision, even if its a slight collision, be sure to check the following systems.”

This list of system checks includes visual inspection of items such as airbags, airbag connectors, seatbelts, SRS module and occupancy sensor (passenger seat airbag sensor) diagnostic inspection and check. Depending on the type of collision (front or side impact) removing the steering column and a measurement of the column is also required to ensure the column is not damaged or collapsed.

If your Subaru is invloved in a collision please have it repaired or inspected by a certified Subaru facility!

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