When choosing between original Honda manufacturer parts (OEM) and aftermarket / generic parts be aware these parts may not perform as the vehicle manufacturer intended in a collision. These parts may be labeled “certified”, but they are not crash tested by the Honda.

These aftermarket “certified” parts are often “decertified” by their own “certified” entity due to quality and fitment issues, but notice is never sent to consumers who may have these parts installed on their vehicles.

This is a 2019 Honda HRV currently being repaired at Fiero Collision. We are a certified Honda and Acura Pro First collision repair facility. With advanced training from Honda & Acura we are more qualified than your local Honda dealership body shops which have not completed the annual training and equipment requirements of Honda’s collision repair certification program.

In the picture below you will see the difference between a Honda (OEM) fender vs an
aftermarket “Certified” fender and a Honda (OEM) Hood vs an aftermarket “Certified” Hood

We advise all auto insurance consumers to familiarize themselves with their insurance policy and ensure they are covered for the use of new OEM parts.


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